A Family of Passionate Bakers

Chavez Bakery specializes in traditional Mexican sweet bread. Our bakery is currently run by Jose and Manuel Jr. Chavez. They took over the bakery from their father Manuel Sr., who learned the recipes from his father.

Now, they are passing the torch to Jose’s son, Mark, who is excited to carry on their pan dulce tradition.

Chavez Bakery

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to keeping our family’s pan dulce around for all to enjoy. Our family has been baking Mexican sweet bread for more than four generations.

The members of our community in Fort Lupton and surrounding areas have enjoyed our family’s recipes for years. We are excited to expand to other communities so that everyone can enjoy our Mexican sweet bread.

We have had the honor of eating our sweet, traditional pan dulce since our youth. Now that we have a hand in producing it, our goal is for all our customers to experience our Mexican sweet bread.

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Connect With Us

Contact us for more information about our family bakery. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.